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2018 Patricia Price Housing Hero Award
The purpose of this prestigious award is to honor a Cowlitz County citizen or agency who has made outstanding contributions to the quality of life through service in the field of housing, community development or supportive services. The award was established in 2008 in the name of Patricia Price to provide a living acknowledgement of the leadership and outstanding contributions she has made in creating and supporting affordable housing, her commitment to strengthening our community and the quality of life for people in need of affordable housing and her years of service as a member of the Longview Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.Each nominee must have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the County’s effort to provide a decent, affordable home and a suitable living environment for every family.  The honoree will be selected for their leadership and exceptional contributions to creating or supporting affordable housing, implementing housing related programs, and helping people to solve housing problems.  

This year Housing Opportunities of SW Washington would like to recognize Love In the Name Christ, otherwise known as Love INC, of Cowlitz County for their valuable supportive service provided to our community. Their contributions of organizing community members to perform “good works” for those people who are in need is truly impressive. They fill a niche that no one else does!  A number of years ago when we wanted to create a program to help seniors age in place, it was Love INC who month after month activated teams of volunteers to build wheel chair ramps and other housing modifications that allowed seniors to remain living in their homes. Without this partnership, the project would have failed.  More recently when Housing Opportunities procured a location for Janus to use for outreach to homeless youth, it was Love INC who provided skilled volunteers to build fences and a ramp, add an upstairs bathroom, install flooring and paint. Without Love INC’s supportive services, we could not have completed the project with the money we had. When our homeless veterans locate housing and move into their own homes, they can go to Love INC to furnish their home.  Love INC has a warehouse where they store donated home furnishing for families in need. It is because of supportive services like these that low income families or individuals can make a new start in life.       
Therefore, it is with appreciation that we present Love INC of Cowlitz County, represented by David France, with the 2018 Patricia Price Housing Hero Award for their valuable partnership in supporting affordable housing programs in our community. 

Housing Opportunities recognizes Linda Brigham
The Board of Commissioners of Housing Opportunities of SW Washington recognized and thanked Linda Brigham for her years of service on the Board during last night’s annual meeting. Ms. Brigham was appointed by the City of Longview in December of 2010 to represent participants in the agency’s programs. The Board presented Linda with a plaque honoring her service.

Linda is active in the community and serves on many different committees and boards. She has been a resident of Longview since 1997. She currently serves as Captain of her Block Watch, she is an active participant on the Community Emergency Response Team, active in the Cowlitz County Dive Rescue, the Longview Anti-Drug Coalition, Cowlitz on the Move, and she is a founding member and current board member of the Highlands Neighborhood Association.

We thank Linda for her years of service to Housing Opportunities and to the families and community we serve.

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