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Section 8 Advantage

Housing Assistance

Housing Opportunities of SW Washington has a unique program called . . .

Section 8 Advantage

HUD's Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program

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The Section 8 Advantage (S8A) program is a HUD program that enables families assisted through the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program (NED, VASH and Project Based Voucher Programs), to increase their earned income by obtaining or advancing employment opportunities and building financial assets as their household earned income increases from employment.  

Participation generally last five years where participants identify educational, professional and personal goals.  Over 214 families have graduated from the S8A program and found rewarding careers in hospitality or customer service, education, retail, government employment and medical fields.  S8A graduates have used the money saved during the program to make down payments on homes, purchase a car, pay off debt, start a business, and more.

S8A is looking for families that want to move forward by being employed.  If you are chosen to enroll in the S8A Program, HOSWWA will execute a five-year Contract of Participation with you that specifies the rights and responsibilities of both parties, and the goals and services for your family.  You will work with an S8A Coach to be connected to services to assist you with completing your goals.  Some of the services coordinated for the family may include: transportation, education, job training, employment counseling, financial literacy and homeownership counseling among others.

An interest bearing escrow (example: a savings account) account will be established by HOSWWA for each participating family.  Any increases in your rent as a result of increased earned income during your participation in the program will result in a credit to your escrow account.  Once you successfully graduate from the program, you can access the escrow and use it for any purpose according to our Escrow Withdrawal Policy.  If the S8A contract is terminated, such as if you fail to complete the contract before the expiration date, you will lose the escrow funds.

Interested families will complete an application then meet with the S8A Coach for an Orientation.

For more information contact
Susie Marion
HOSWWA Section 8 Advantage Coach
(360) 423-0140 ext. 12

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